About us

We are Ken and Jane Walker and we located to France from the UK in 2001 with our four children and are lucky enough to live in the beautiful open countryside of Normandy. We are surrounded by fields and quiet pathways which are so lovely for walks.

We have always had an array of animals .In 2012 we bought our first llamas and they truly have brought so much peace and joy to our lives. As often happens, one thing leads to another and we recently decided to add to our family by buying a small alpaca herd.

We trained our llamas to walk and have had so much pleasure from walking the pathways local to our house. We decided that it was such a lovely experience we would like to share our animals and the walk with other people who are interested in discovering these curious creatures.

For anyone wanting to discover our llamas and alpacas, please look at the walks and experiences we offer.

We also offer gift vouchers and merchandise in our small onsite shop.

Meet Our Llamas And Alpacas
We currently have two llamas and six alpacas They are all very friendly and our llamas love to walk


The elder of our two llama sisters. she loves to snack on walks but she doesn’t like puddles. Likes to follow and she likes hugs.......sometimes likes kisses !

Liz Liz

Liz is the youngest of our two llama sisters and is the most inquisitive. She likes to be the leader and loves to splash in all the puddles.......loves treats and loves to give kisses!







Milly is the oldest yet smallest of our alpacas and loves to kick and splash in all the water containers. She always tips her food onto the floor to eat it!

Elite is the most reserved , gentle alpaca who never pushes to the front for food or attention

Martha loves food and is always at the front when food is being served

Ana is a very quiet girl who likes her own company - often found under the trees lying alone.

Sweetpea is the tallest and cheekiest of our alpacas. She has a very inquisitive nature and is always one of the first to arrive when food is about. Gives the most kisses!

Blossom is the friendliest of the alpacas and adores a fuss. She likes to gives hugs and kisses and loves treats!

Bisou d’Alpaga

Llama Walks

Walk with a llama in the peaceful Normandy countryside

Our llamas are trained to walk so come and discover these curious creatures and escape your busy life relaxing in the peaceful, tranquil footpaths of Normandy.

We operate our walks all year round though these are subject to weather conditions - our animals do not like the rain or wind so occasionally our walks will have to be rescheduled


Take a look at what is available on our Bookings Page

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Alpaca Experiences

If you are not able to walk a llama then maybe you would like one of our alpaca experiences - our alpacas are very eager to accept visitors who are willing to feed and caress them and discover their playful characters.........two willingly give kisses!


Take a look at what is available on our Bookings Page

Please email forgetmenots@orange.fr or telephone 0635944748

gift vouchers

give the gift of an unforgettable experience

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